The Wild Life Officer Association, in a letter to the Director-General of Wildlife Conservation, vehemently condemned the heinous act by a Major General of the Army, assaulting an officer on duty.

The Association states that it was not only an insult to an individual officer on duty but the entire department of wildlife conservation.

Any state official has to respect the laws of the country and co-operate with those who are operating within the ambit of the law.

This incident cannot be brushed aside as yet another incident in a series since the act of the senior officer of the Army amounts to a breach of morality and etiquette, he stands for as a military officer.

The officers of the Wild Life Department were acting well within the provisions of the Fauna and flora act, and if this is the situation under which the officers of the Wild Life Department ought to work, it would rather be a pathetic state of affairs.

The Wild Life officers Association has urged the Director-General to intervene in the matter and take necessary legal action against the errant officer. In default, the officer state that they would take Trade Union action compelling the authorities to redress the grievances.


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