The Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka (HRCSL) has urged the President not to table the Anti-Terrorism Bill before Parliament in its current format until a national dialogue, one with broad spectrum participation, is concluded.
In a letter to President Ranil Wickremesinghe, HRCSL Chairperson and retired Supreme Court Judge Rohini Marasinghe stated that the HRCSL is of the view that establishing a national dialogue that equally addresses the peace and reconciliation processes will better define the contextual necessity for a bill comparable to the proposed Anti-Terrorism Bill.
The HRCSL said it conducted a roundtable discussion attended by the leadership of several civil society groups, bringing to its attention the proposed Anti-Terrorism Bill.
The HRCSL maintained that it is prudent to better understand the purpose of the proposed Anti-Terrorism Bill in the context of Sri Lanka today.
“We would like to propose taking the lead on, and in partnership with your office, a national dialogue that would better assess and raise awareness of the necessity for the country to have such a bill,” the letter stated.
The HRCSL is of the view that it is imperative to further explore the much-delayed peace and reconciliation process.
“This peace and reconciliation process would not only be for the communities in the North and East who suffered directly under the ravages of 30-plus years of horrific civil war, a war that pitted communities against each other, and where once concluded promises were made both domestically as well as to the international community for a peace and reconciliation process,” the HRCSL letter further added.


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