Opposition SJB charged yesterday that the government paid five dollars more for the Sinopharm vaccine when Bangladesh had bought it at a lesser price.

Opposition leader Sajith Premadasa issued a press statement on the matter.

The SJB accused the government of buying 14 million doses of the Sinoparm Vaccine at 15 US$ each, while Bangladesh has paid only 10$ per vaccine, causing a massive loss to the government.

The SJB said either the procurement process was at fault or some intermediary has made an undue profit.

However, State Minister Channa Jayasumanarefuted the claims stating that the government had purchased the Sinopharm vaccine to the best possible price. He rejected the opposition claim that Bangladesh had procured the vaccines at a lesser amount than Sri Lanka. The Minister said that the deal with Bangladesh is still in the form of discussions and not finalized. The Chinese Embassy too rejected the claim that Bangladesh has procured the


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