Pillayan denied any involvement in the Easter Sunday attack and rejected the allegations levelled against him by Moulana.

Road Development State Minister Sivanesathurai Chandrakanthan today emphasised that neither he nor his party were involved in the Easter Sunday attack. “We don’t have a direct or indirect connection with regard to the Easter Sunday attacks”, he said.

The State Minister, while vehemently rejecting the allegations levelled by Hansir Azad Maulana on Channel 4 television linking him with the attacks, said that those who were involved in the Easter Sunday attacks should be severely dealt with. “They should be sentenced to death”, he said.

Maulana wants to gain political asylum in a western country by propagating lies and bringing the country into disrepute. He expressed regret about the western media for telecasting news without proper investigation with the mala fide intent of disrespecting Sri Lanka and its administration.


It is usual for people who make asylum claims in foreign countries to criticise us and our party for confirming their asylum claims.


Chandrakanthan said that it is important to note that the Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna Party had already secured a resounding victory at the local government election in 2018 before the Eater bombings took place.