The government will import a consignment of nine million doses of Sinopharm vaccines and another fourteen million doses of Pfizer vaccines to accomplish its vaccination target before the end of September.

Initially, the government planned to vaccinate 14 million people out of 22 million to achieve its objective.

However, the government latterly decided to vaccinate all persons above the age of 18 by the end of September .Hence the Cabinet has approved the importation of more vaccines to reduce the impact of the pandemic.

As of August 09.2021, the country has received 19.49 million doses of vaccines. 11.26 million doses, have been used as the first dose, and 3.25 million, doses as the second dose out of the vaccines received.

Since there is a shortfall of vaccines to vaccinate the entire population above the age of 18, the Cabinet of Ministers approved the purchase of 09 million doses of Sinopharm and 14 million doses of Pfizer at the unit price decided by the Negotiating Committee appointed by the Cabinet of Ministers.


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