The newly appointed Court of Appeal President, Justice Nissanka Banduala Karunarathne, said today that his fervent expectation is to uphold the sanctity of the rule of law and to fearlessly defend the fundamental principle of “Equality before Law” without resorting to any form of discrimination when dispensing justice.

Justice Karunarathne made these remarks while speaking at the ceremonial sitting held at the Supreme Court’s ceremonial court to welcome him and Justice M.A.R. Marikkar as the President of the Court of Appeal and a judge of the Court of Appeal, respectively.

“At this point, I wish to declare my resolute commitment as the Head of the Court of Appeal to render justice to all those who seek its recourse,” said Justice Karunarathne.

Justice Karunarathne said the judiciary often comes in for public criticism, as the ethical values and the general public’s perceptions might conflict with the decisions that the judges have been compelled to take, relying on rules, regulations, and governance responsibilities they necessarily need to adhere to. He said such misunderstandings might erode the citizens’ faith and confidence in the judiciary.

In his career as a Judge, Justice Karunarathne held a variety of positions; firstly, as a Primary Court Judge, thereafter as an Additional Magistrate, Magistrate, Additional District Judge, District Judge, High Court Judge, Civil Appellate High Court Judge, and eventually as a Judge of the Court of Appeal in February 2019.

Justice Karunarathne had also served as a journalist while he was studying at Sri Lanka Law College. I joined the newspaper company, which was known as the “Dawasa” and “Sun” group, as a media person in 1983. There are still many media personalities working for newspapers who worked with me at the time, and I still count them as friends. “I appreciate their assistance extended to me in some manner when needed,” he said.

The newly appointed Court of Appeal President, Justice Nissanka Banduala Karunarathne, and Justice M.A.R. Marikkar were accorded a warm welcome at the ceremonial sitting by an array of judges from the Court of Appeal, High Courts, District Courts, and Magistrate’s Courts.


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