The Colombo Chief Magistrate’s Court ordered a speedy investigation into the death of a housemaid who died while being treated at the Colombo national hospital following her arrest by the Welikada police.


The Court made this order to the CID over the death of R. Rajkumari, a 42-year-old domestic worker employed by a well-known teledramatic producer and business personality, Sudharma Nethicumara.


The victim, who the Welikada Police arrested over alleged theft, died while undergoing treatment at the Colombo National Hospital. The victim was R. Rajkumari, a 42-year-old woman from Badulla.


Subsequently, the Magistrate, Bandara Ilangasinghe, issued an order directing the CID to file a report regarding the ongoing investigation on June 21.


Meanwhile, the counsel appearing on behalf of the aggrieved party submitted to court that the deceased woman had been admitted to the Colombo National Hospital by Welikada Police after convincing that she was found on a street after falling and being ignored.


Counsel Manjula Pathiraja alleged that Welikada Police had also failed to follow the due process that police are required to apply when a person is found on the street.


In an affidavit, the husband of the deceased said the death of his wife, R. Rajkumari, was suspicious and demanded an independent investigation.