A couple camping out near the Diyluma waterfall in Koslanda was attacked by wild elephants early this morning (12th).

The girl who was attacked died on the spot, and the young man was taken to the hospital with serious injuries.

A 23-year-old girl named G. Tarushi, from Kekanadura, Matara has lost her life while being accompanied by another person. K. Dhanushka (22), a resident of Wariyapola, was seriously injured.

The police say that they have come on a trip to Diyaluma in Koslanda and were camping out at night.

Police believe that the wild elephant that attacked the girl was hanging around in the vicinity, and all the people who came with the group were chased away by him.

Later, with great effort, the police and the local residents chased the elephant away. Koslanda police are conducting investigations.


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