In order to enter the sea of Sri Lanka, the ship carrying Chinese organic fertilizer to Sri Lanka has reportedly changed its name from ‘Hippo Spirit’ to ‘Seiyo Explorer’.

‘Hippo Spirit’ carrying 20,000 metric tonnes of fertilizer left China on September 22 to reach Sri Lanka.

But after confirmation that the stock on board ship contained hazardous bacteria, the Sri Lankan government decided to suspend the import of fertilizer.

Then, the ship set sail for Singapore. According to the Live AIS Vessel Tracker, the ship was anchored off the Malakka Strait for several days.

The Live AIS Vessel Tracker shows the next destination of the ‘Hippo Spirit’ ship is Colombo. It is going to arrive in the city.

The ‘Hippo Spirit’ and the ‘Seiyo Explorer’ appear to have the same IMP number, which is 9135523, a ship-tracking website said.

The IMO Ship Identification Number is a unique seven digit number. It remains unchanged through a vessel’s lifetime, regardless of any changes of names, flags, or owners. It is linked to its hull.


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