The Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka today requested the IGP provide a full report on several arrests linked to a comedy show held in Colombo several weeks ago.


The Commission has informed the IGP that it is interested in understanding the nature of the allegation and the investigation that has gone into making these arrests.


“Your analysis of what constitutes religious disharmony is of equal importance. We would as well want an analysis as to the potential risks from this specific incident to religious harmony, which would be useful for the HRCSL to understand”, the Commission informed the IGP in a letter.


The Commission said that it was aware that Jayani Natasha Edirisuriya was

arrested for allegedly insulting the Buddhist religion in April of this year, and is now being held in remand until June 7th, 2023. We have been further advised that there have been additional arrests related to this incident, which we informed you happened at a theatre in Colombo more than one month ago. The commission, in a statement, said