A schoolboy was shot and injured by the police when they raided a house in Gampola in search of illicit brew. The police opened fire at an attack dog when the boy was injured.

The boy, who was kept in a room by the police after he sustained injuries due to the shooting, was later admitted to the Gampola Teaching Hospital for treatment.

A Rottweiler dog in the house was shot and killed by the police after the dog attacked them during an early morning, raid around 5.30 p.m. Gunshots have been found in several places, including the roof of the house.

A group of policemen from the Divisional Criminal Investigation Division operating under the directions of Gampola Divisional Acting Superintendent of Police Roshan Amarasinghe raided the house early this morning (the 21st), when this shooting took place.

Two policemen bitten by the dog have also been taken to the hospital. The police said that the raid was carried out on information that there was illicit brew in the house, and they shot the dog since they failed to call the household to take care of the attack dog. Eventually, it was found to be a false alarm.



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