Senior police officers inform the Sectoral Oversight Committee on Reconciliation and National Unity of Parliament not to include parents’ data when setting up e-mail accounts for schoolchildren.

The officials point out that due to online education being popular in the past, it is necessary to provide the children with mobile phones (Smart Phones Active) to access computer devices.

However, they pointed out that by providing the parents’ data for this purpose when giving smart phones and starting e-mail, the children will have the opportunity to access any website. Without that, if the information, including the correct age of the children, is not provided, the internet system itself will control the ability and access of the children to view inappropriate videos and websites.


This was discussed when the Sectoral Oversight Committee on Reconciliation and National Unity met in order to discuss the programme to be carried out in collaboration with the National Reconciliation and Children and Women Bureau under the Chairmanship of Hon. Dilan Perera.