Minister of Law and order today denied claims by SJB that a youth arrested by the Panmure Police died in custody after being beaten by the officers at the Police station.
Villagers stormed the Police station this morning demanding a fair inquiry since they suspect that the youth had been beaten to death by the Police officers.

Public Security Minister Sarath Weeraskera addressing Parliament, said the youth attempted to commit suicide and died while being taken to the hospital.
“This youth was a drug addict and accused of assaulting his daughter. Therefore his daughter had complained to the Police against him. The police had arrested this man at 10.30 pm on Tuesday. The Minister said.

He attempted to hang himself inside the cell, but a policeman but the Police intervened to prevent him. He died while being taken to the hospital. The Minister said.
“The SJB MPs are uttering blatant lies,” he added. But, SJB MP Eran Wickramaratne said the remarks made by the Minister are unacceptable as the authorities are responsible if a person dies while being kept in police custody.


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