The retired Army Colonel who filed a writ petition seeking an order quashing the decision of the Election Commission to hold the local government elections has sought an earlier court date from the Supreme Court to further support his application.

On February 10, the Supreme Court’s three-judge bench, comprising Justices S. Thurairaja, A.H.M.D. Nawaz, and Shiran Goonaratne, postponed this writ petition for further support on February 23.

After filing a motion in the Supreme Court through Attorney-at-Law S. Devapalan, Colonel (Retd.) W.M.R. Wijesundera stated that his petition had been fixed for further support on the 23rd of February. He said he became aware that postal voting was due to be held on February 22. The petitioner is requesting the Supreme Court list the writ petition for further support on any one of the following dates: February 17, February 20, or February 21.



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