Mumbai: A teenager beheaded his 19-year-old sister with their mother’s help and allegedly displayed her head before neighbours in an alleged case of dishonour killing in Maharashtra’s Aurangabad district on Sunday. The police are investigating claims that the boy and his mother took selfies with the severed head.

The young woman’s husband was at home when she was killed allegedly by her mother and brother.


The teen also tried to attack his brother-in-law but he managed to escape, they added.


After killing his sister, who was pregnant, the boy took the severed head to the verandah and waved it in the air for all to see before surrendering, officials said.


Kirti Thore eloped in June and had been living with her husband. Her mother contacted her last week and asked to visit her. She returned to her daughter’s home with her son on Sunday.

On Sunday, when they arrived, Kirti’s husband was in another room. She was making tea for her mother and brother when she was attacked from behind. Her mother held her by the leg while her brother, who had brought a sickle, chopped her head off, officials said.


He allegedly carried the head outside for neighbours to see.(NDTV)


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