Chief Inspector of Police Nagoor Thambi Aboobucker, who was arrested for aiding and abetting Pulastini Mahendran alias Sarah Jasmin, one of the main suspects in the Easter Sunday attack, to flee the country, has been granted bail by the Batticaloa High Court.

IP Aboobucker was arrested on July 13, 2020, under the Prevention of Terrorism Act (PTA) for concealing information about Pulastini and escorting her in his vehicle to flee India. After nine months in detention, he was produced in front of the Kalmunai Magistrate and subsequently further remanded.

Aboobucker had filed a Fundamental Rights application through his attorney, Atham Lebbe Aazath, alleging that his arbitrary arrest and detention violated the Fundamental Rights guaranteed under the Constitution.

After 32 months of detention and remand, Aboobucker was released on bail by Batticaloa High Court Judge N. M. M. Abdullah. State Counsel Zacky Ismail, who represented the state, strongly objected to the bail. Senior Counsel N.M. Shaheed, Attorneys at Law Atham Lebbe Aazath, Salahudeen Safrin, and Fathima Fazeela appeared for Nagoor Thambi Aboobucker. After hearing the submission by the defence counsel, the court granted bail to the suspect.




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