JVP Leader Anura Kumara Dissanayake today made a startling disclosure in Parliament today on the controversial agreement signed between the government and a US company on the sale of shares of the Kerawalapitiya LNG plant.

He said the agreement was signed with another company but not with New Fortress Energy Company as publicized.

I have requested in Parliament to table the agreement between the government and the New Fortress Energy Company for the past month or so.

However, both the Finance Minister and the subject Minister failed to do so. Therefore I will table the agreement today, he, said tabling the questionable document.

He said that the government misled the Cabinet in this instance.

The Cabinet granted permission to enter into an agreement with New Fortress Energy Company. Instead, the government entered into an agreement with NFE Sri Lanka Power Holdings with an address in Washington DC.

Citing clause 13(1) of the document, he said a secrecy clause incorporated prohibiting either side to reveal the conditions and contents of the document unilaterally for two years.

Share Sales Purchase Agreement dated 2021 09 17


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