The Speaker of the House will shortly appoint a committee comprising senior Parliamentarians to probe the incidents in the House on Friday and Saturday.

On Friday and Saturday, Government Parliamentarians clashed with the opposition when Manuhsa Nanayakkara was on his feet.

The conflict, triggered when the opposition member Nanayakkara was not allowed to talk after the Speaker decided to continu0e the sittings of the House after five in the evening. Opposition MP’s said that five minutes of the time allotted to Nanayakkara remained and let him continue.

Nanayakkara was pushed aside by a government MP when he walked up to the Speaker.

The government benches alleged that Nanayakkara threatened the Speaker. The opposition Parliamentarians denied the charge and said that he walked up to the Speaker to ask for the remaining time for him to speak.

The government benches opposed the move while the Speaker said he had already decided.  Nanayakkara was, however, not allowed to continue his speech.

On Saturday Chief opposition whip told the Speaker that a group of government members attempted to assault SJB MP Manusha Nanayakkara and therefore would boycott sittings until the security of the opposition MP’s is guaranteed.

This morning the SJB Parliamentarians demonstrated opposite Parliament after they decided to Boycott sittings.


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