Unbowed & Unafraid: Biography Of Lasantha
Wickrematunge Launched

Colombo, Sri Lanka, March 27, 2023: The biography of the late
Lasantha Wickrematunge has been launched by Raine
Wickrematunge, his ex wife and mother of his three
children. Unbowed & Unafraid will be available in Sri
Lanka across bookstores this month.

“Lasantha lived, breathed and finally died in the pursuit of
the truth. I am indeed proud and honoured to present this
book to the people of Sri Lanka who Lasantha cared about
deeply,” Raine has said.

After Lasantha Wickrematunge was murdered on a
Colombo street in January 2009, his posthumous editorial
published in The Sunday Leader titled ‘And Then They
Came For Me’ resonated not just with Sri Lankans but with
the world at large. He wrote from beyond the grave, “I hope
my murder will not be seen as a defeat of freedom, but an
inspiration for those who survive to step up their efforts.
Indeed, I hope that it will help galvanise forces that will
usher in a new era of human liberty in our beloved
motherland.” Unbowed & Unafraid recounts the life of a
trailblazer and offers an inside look at Wickrematunge’s life
and work. It is a personal, inspirational account of the life

of Wickrematunge who won the collective hearts of a
nation due to his courage and dedication to the betterment
of Sri Lanka. The book also describes the author’s marriage
and family life with Wickrematunge, his remarkable
achievements and conflicts as a journalist, his tragic
assassination and the murder inquiry thereafter.


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