In a recent development, Sri Lanka’s Attorney General’s Department has confirmed that the country will honor the compensation limit claim ruling issued by a UK court, despite having filed a lawsuit in Singapore seeking compensation for the environmental damages caused by the X-Press Pearl Maritime Disaster.

According to the Attorney General’s Department, the compensation limit claim ruling rendered by the UK court will have implications for the ongoing lawsuit filed in Singapore. As a result, the department intends to submit a motion to the London Court concerning the compensation limit claim and seek expert advice from legal professionals in the UK.

Addressing certain allegations made by specific individuals and groups, the Attorney General’s Department dismissed them as unfounded and baseless. It emphasized that the decision to pursue the lawsuit in Singapore, including its referral to the Singapore International Commercial Court, falls within the jurisdiction of the High Court, which is already examining the case. Consequently, the matter is subject to Singaporean laws.

In the General Division of the High Court of Singapore, the Originating Claim pertaining to the Claims Action regarding the X-Press Pearl Incident was formally filed. Subsequently, a case conference hearing was conducted on May 15, 2023. Another follow-up on this case conference is scheduled for June 1, 2023, during which the Sri Lankan Government’s decision will be announced.

Furthermore, the Attorney General’s Department has instructed the Marine Environment Protection Authority to make several amendments to the compensation claim


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